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Lesson Overview

Some paragraph texts. Should be in P1-tag, font-size 20 with font Avenir Light. ​Line spacing of 1.5. 

For mobile view, set the width to 300, font-size to 12. 

Priority Knowledge

  • Some priority knowledge here

Lesson Objective

  1. Lesson Objective 1

  2. Lesson Objective 2

  3. Lesson Objective 3

Mathematics & CT Outcomes

  1. Outcome 1

  2. Outcome 2

Teaching Resources 

The Desmos Activity used in this Task.

Lesson Details

Some lesson details. Can be arranged freely based on your needs. However, do need to cater mobile view once you've done editing the website view. 

Again, same set-up as above. 

To change the video, just click the player then click Settings. 

Complete the remaining part of the code!

Figure 6-Task 2.png

Student's Work

Figure 7-A2-S1.png
Figure 8-A2-S2.png
About these samples: 

For paragraphs in collapsed parts: P2-tag, Avenir Light, 18 font-size, 1.75 line spacing. 

You may freely edit the collapsed parts. However, do make sure that everything is inside the box just as I demonstrated before. 

Figure 9-A2.png

Possible Challenges and Misconceptions

Sample 1: H5-tag, Oswald Medium, 24 font-size, 1.34 line spacing
Figure 10-A2-M1.png

For images, do remember to choose to open a pop-up when it is clicked. 

Sample 2: Misconceptions about the method of exchanging values of two numbers in different blocks
Figure 11-A2-M2.png

The methods of swapping two numeric values can be divided into two categories: either by using the variable block directly (Figure 8b), or by defining a new block by setting My block (Figure bc-d), which is convenient for repeated calls. It is worth noting that these two methods are not the same. When using the variable block directly, if [set a to b] or [set b to a] directly, the values of both a and b will change immediately and the value cannot be swapped (Figure 8a). Therefore, the third variable [set temp to A] must be added as the intermediate variable to store the value (Figure 8b). In My block, however, both methods can swap values (Figure 8c-d).


The author would like to thank <Enter Name Here!> for designing this lesson and appreciate all the anonymous teachers and students who participated in this research.

Additional Important Information

Sometimes Wix does not automatically set the appropriate SEO and/or URL-slugs. So you may need to do it on your own. 

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